Thursday, January 2, 2014


New Year's Resolution? No thanks. Let's be honest here, those almost never stick. Authors Jon Gordon, Dan Britton and Jimmy Paige have written a book introducing a new take on this ill-fated tradition. One Word that Will Change Your Life encourages us to simplify our lives and careers by focusing on one word for the entire year instead of endless goals and resolutions. Your "one word" will create a simple and focused approach for the new year. 

After a great deal of thought and reflection on the past year, I've decided my word for 2014 is IGNITE. The definition I found that best describes how I envision this word is "to arouse the passions of; excite".  Like most teachers, I want my students to love school and to love learning. I pride myself on providing my students with an uncommon classroom experience. 

At this point in the school year, rules and procedures are established and are second nature. I have a trusting and solid relationship with each one of my students. We have also discovered and embarked on uncharted territory together. Exploration and innovation have become part of our culture. My focus for the second semester is to take this a step further and IGNITE their curiosity and passion. I want my growing first graders to create more, initiate more, and excite others with their enthusiasm for learning and doing. 

My One Word for 2014 is not only related to my passion- my students. For me, IGNITE also means to create and launch ideas myself. Hence, this first blog post! I also hope to IGNITE sparks in my family, friends, and fellow teachers simply through encouragement and support. 

What will your One Word be for 2014?

Thanks for reading,

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